Luttenbergweg 8, 1101 EC


Natural Flow Yoga is a new Yoga Studio in the South-East of Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Zuidoost).
Only a few minutes cycling from the Bijlmer Arena and only 10 minutes walk from the metro line of 50 and 54.
Our studio is spacious with strong ventilation system and even with keeping 1.5 meter distance we can comfortably accommodate 12 students.

Find your Natural Flow

Despite being particles in a big living organism, we are all individuals and do experience the world from our own perspective.
Our Natural Flow is our own unique movement through space and time that comes to us naturally and helps us to move to the next stage wherever and whenever that might be.
Aligning with our Natural Flow through yoga is a step to find our way to freedom and surrender through tradition, guidance and experience of the many fellow travelers who also set foot on the beautiful path of self-exploration.

Classes & Workshops

At Natural Flow Yoga we offer many different options for the mind and the body.
Various types of Yoga, but also workshops, Dance Meditation and Ecstatic Dance events.
Choose the class that resonates best with your needs today.

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Regular Classes

Guided Self Practice
(Mysore Style Class)

A beautiful and authentic way to learn yoga.

You can arrive at any time during the class and choose between Ashtanga or Yin. The teacher guides each student individually. Very suitable for beginners! Come as you are, and we start from there.

A selfpractice where you move to your own breath, and learn in your own tempo, is a beautiful and authentic way to learn yoga.

There is no "one size fits all" approach, but rather this concept allows you to experience a practice tailored to your individual needs.

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Ashtanga Basics

A fixed sequence of fundamental poses - knowing what’s next quiets the thinking so you can dive deeper. This sweaty moving meditation tones the body and clears the mind, teaching us to breathe calm and steady in any situation.

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Yin & Mindfulness

The poses are held for several minutes as we aim to release any muscle tension so gravity can help us to loosen up tight connective tissues. A mindful practice to slow down and balance our fast-paced daily lives.

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Restorative & Nidra

Gentle poses are held for longer time, fully supporting the body to experience a sensation of floating. Use this class to soothe the nervous system, rest and restore. The teacher will read fairy tales, poems and light philosophical texts.

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Gentle Vinyasa Flow

A slow paced gentle vinyasa practice, moving with the breath to loosen up the body and ease the mind. Suitable for both beginners and experienced students who wish to cultivate an intuitive mind-body connection.

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Strong Vinyasa Flow

We build up gentle movements to a more vigorous vinyasa flow. Moving mindfully with the breath, lengthening and building strength and balance, this class is suitable for both beginners and experienced students.

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Deep Stretch & Recovery

A well-rounded class to work on alignment, strength and flexibility with emphasis on simplicity and ease of movement. Breathing techniques and meditation are also integrated for an overall sense of balance in body and mind.

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Private and Family Yoga

If you prefer a private setting over a group class for any reason we are happy to work together.
You can express any physical or non-physical challanges you face and we use the best of our experience and design a yoga practice tailored for you.

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Pricing plans

Please note, that in case of pandemic related government regulation that stops us from providing yoga classes,
your membership will be automatically put on hold so you won't be charged for the missed period.

One Month Card



Per month

  • Unlimited regular classes
  • Starts with first booking
  • €60 for Students
  • €60 with Stadspas
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Single Class


Per Class

  • Trial Class: €5
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10 Class Card



Per 10 Classes

  • Valid for 4 months
  • €90 for Students
  • €90 with Stadspas
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Our teachers and staff members, just like all of us, are travelers on the same path.
This international group of enthousiastic teachers from various traditions will happily guide you to reach your goals.
Whether you wish to gain strength and flexibility, turn to yoga for personal development or simply come to unwind after work - we stand for an individual approach to help you take care of your needs.

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self_improvementStrong Flow


self_improvementMysore & Ashtanga

self_improvementRestorative & Nidra

self_improvementDeep stretch & Recovery
self_improvementStrong Flow

self_improvementGentle Flow

The space we share

We have recently moved to a new temporary location.
It is a nice cozy place very cose to our old place.

Luttenbergweg 8, 1101 EC

This is the big white office building right next to the McDonald’s.
Please enter the area through the small door of the black gate.
The entrance door is on the right side of the building, across the courtyard.

The studio is on the 5th floor, we share the space with Elevate Healing Center.